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By | March 17, 2017
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On March 17, 2017
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If you are battling with stretch marks, you should definitely read my review of Skinception's Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy.

In this review, I will talk about my experience with Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy.

I used this therapy cream for a month and I wrote a detailed review below.

But first, let me give you an overview of this product.

  • Removes stretch marks
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Restores skin elasticity
  • Fades purple & red discoloration
  • Evens skin tone
  • Smoothes furrows
  • They offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Intro On Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

Skinception BottleNow, you might think this quite a weird topic for a male to be covering, because this is usually an area reserved for the realm of women. And it is true, women ARE more prone to stretch marks, as my wife would attest, but men get stretch marks too!

Woman generally get stretch marks due to a number of reasons, the following being the most common:

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Adolescence

Now, these are generally the events that cause stretch marks in women, but the cause of my stretch marks, and the cause for many men like me, is actually weight training! So while trying to stay as healthy as possible and hitting the gym, one also causes damage to ones skin through the mass gain associated with building muscle.

Striae, or stretch marks, form when the skin has been scarred from the inside-out.

But stretch marks are not just the result of skin that’s been stretched beyond its limit. Healthy skin requires two things: collagen and elastin. Collagen gives rigidity to the connective tissues. And elastin, as its name implies, gives elasticity to the skin. The loss of these supportive structures allows the layers of skin to separate, causing the grooved, discolored appearance of stretch marks. If the skin had adequate amounts of these 2 things, stretch marks wouldn’t happen in the first place, thats where Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy comes in.

is a mix of patented peptides and natural skin care. The peptides include Regestril, Darutoside and ProCollOne+. Its’s also packed with plenty of botanicals to nurture the skin, with beta glucan, soybean fiber and rutin, among others, to soothe skin back to it’s former glory.

I tried out Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy because myself and a couple of my gym friends were all battling with stretch marks after years of intense weight training and I really have not been sorry. I write about my experience below for the first month of use, although I have been taking the product for over 2 months now. Let me tell you, they recommend that to see best results, one should use the product for at least 2 months, and from my experience, it truly makes a massive difference.

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My Experience With Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

Skinception bottle and box


I received my Skinception bottle really fast after I ordered online. I also felt secure because of the 100% money back guarantee that Skinception gives.

Day 1 – 4

If you’ve read my reviews before, you’ve noticed that I usually separate the first 4 days of reviewing my experience with a supplement because that is when most of us are susceptible to negative side effects.

Having said this, during the first 4 days of using Skinception’s cream, I did not feel any negative side effects, nor any real noticeable positive results either. If anything, perhaps my skin felt a bit softer than usual, but that’s about it.

Week 1

The first week was great.

Just like with the first 4 days, my skin definitely started feeling softer and softer and also a lot smoother than usual.

I felt that maybe the stretch marks on my biceps and thighs were starting to get a bit lighter, but wasn’t too sure if I was just being over-optimistic.

I also did not feel any negative side effects, such as skin irritation or itching.

All I can say is that during my first week with the product, my skin felt softer and smoother and that there were no negative side-effects experienced.

Week 2

During the second week, I felt the same soft and smooth skin as the first week.

By the end of the second week I can say that the marks were definitely starting to lighten and the stretch mark furrows or grooves started to feel shallower than they had previously.

There weren’t any drastic changes but I could definitely start to notice subtle improvements to the way my skin looked and felt and the stretch marks were definitely getting lighter than what I was used to.

Week 3

Week 3 brought even more changes.

By the end of the week, the color of the stretch marks was now noticeably different to when I started using the product. My stretch marks went from being noticeably silvery-white, to starting to fade in with my normal skin tone.

The furrows were also definitely shallower than when I started using the product and my skin in the areas where I was applying the cream was so much softer and smoother than I was used to.

Week 4

The final week only brought along ever more subtle improvements.

Soft smooth skin, coupled with much less noticible stretch marks, whats not to like!?

I liked it so much in fact, that I decided that I was going to continue using the product for another month and ordered myself another bottle.

By the end of the month, my stretch marks were noticeably lighter and the furrows were definitely shallower than when I started with the product and my skin was so soft and smooth in the areas where I was applying the cream. I was very impressed overall with the results.

Month 2 Update

So I continued using the cream for another month, and what I can tell you, is wow I am so glad that I did!

While the first month produced relatively impressive results and I was impressed with what the product had done for my skin, the second month absolutely blew me away!

My stretch marks have almost completely disappeared, you can hardly notice them at all. So while I didn’t have extremely bad stretch marks, that’s still mighty impressive and I honestly cant believe how well this product works. What little left there is that you can make out is basically the same color as my normal skin tone and the furrows are almost completely gone.

Don’t get me wrong, the changes don’t happen overnight, so don’t expect that, but I used the products consistently for a 2 month period and the results really do speak for themselves.

Very very impressed overall, would definitely recommend to people looking for something that works.

Conclusion Of My Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Review

I highly recommend Skinception’s Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy.

This product really impressed me overall. I must admit I was skeptical when I first started using it and the changes were only really subtle, but if you stick with it, the results will show in a big way.

This product also comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee by the manufacturer so there really isn’t any risk involved.

You really have nothing to lose.

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