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By | November 17, 2015
Review of: ProSolution Gel
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On November 17, 2015
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Read my detailed experience with ProSolution Gel before you make any decisions!

In this review, I will talk about my experience with ProSolution Gel.

I used this erection enhancing gel for a whole month and wrote about my experience with it below.

Before I begin talking about my experience, here is a quick overview of this product:

  • Thicker and fuller erections
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Amazing orgasms
  • Faster recovery between orgasms
  • No pills needed
  • Easy to apply
  • Instant effect

Intro On ProSolution Gel

prosolution gel reviewProSolution Gel is a gel that was made to give fuller, thicker and longer lasting erections without the need for pills or surgery and without negative side effects.

If you are a male you have probably had those moments where you wished you had exactly that: fuller, thicker and longer lasting erections at the right time.

It can be very frustrating and embarrassing when you are about to have sex and your penis just isn’t keeping up with your brain.

This was beginning to happen to me more frequently during the past few months and I was beginning to get very frightened.

I was so frustrated to the point that during a get-together with my friends, I decided to ask them if they had experienced this before.

I wanted to know if I wasn’t the only one.

To my surprise, almost all of them were experiencing this (It must be age I guess).

This of course calmed me down a little, but it still wasn’t enough.

I didn’t want to have this “problem” anymore.

Again, to my surprise, three of my friends said they had been using a product called ProSolution Gel for some time now and that it worked great.

What came to my mind was taking Viagra, but I really did not want to.

My friends had told me that ProSolution Gel was a gel that you applied to your penis and in just 15 minutes it would take effect.

They said they would get bigger and fuller erections and they would last longer.

They also said their wives and partners were very happy with this product.

With three of my friends recommending this “miracle” gel, I decided to do some research about it.

Turns out ProSolution Gel uses different natural ingredients that are absorbed quickly into the penis’ tissue.

The main ingredient in this gel is an amino acid that converts into nitric prosolution gel review

If you are unfamiliar with nitric oxide, its precursors are found in many pre-workouts as they give you that “pump” during and after your workouts.

This ingredient makes sure that the vessels in your penis dilate and carry blood into your genitals.

This increases the blood flow to your penis and makes it thicker, stronger and gives it more stamina.

The ingredients present in ProSolution Gel include Aloe Vera, Bearberry extract, Algae extract, Mango butter, Menthol and Vitamin C.

As you can see, all these ingredients are 100% natural and safe.

So much so, that this gel is edible and can be used during foreplay as well.

With my friends recommendations and my research about ProSolution Gel having surprised me, I decided to buy 2 tubes right off the bat and take advantage of the free shipping they offer.

I was really excited for this product to arrive so that I could test it out!

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ProSolution Gel ReviewsMy Experience And My ProSolution Gel Review

Just two days after I made my online order of ProSolution Gel, the product arrived at my doorstep.

Packaging and tubes were in perfect condition and all seemed well.

I decided to get this baby opened and start using it right away.

First Use

The first time I used this product I did not want my wife to know.

I wanted to see her unbiased reaction.

So before I went to bed, I applied 8 drops of ProSolution Gel on my penis and massaged it until the gel was fully absorbed and no excess was left.

There was a certain strong smell to the gel, but after a while it seemed to have gone away.

I waited about a minute after applying the gel and got into bed.

I started playing around with my wife and a few moments later, I started feeling a tingling sensation in my penis.

It felt weird but it was a really good weird.

It felt more sensitive and it even gave me more excitement.

I have to say that I was really surprised at first because my penis felt huge and full.

It was as if it was using its maximum capacity.

When my wife got a hold of it, she was really surprised and made a comment like “Wow, you’re in a good mood today!”

I don’t remember the exact words but that comment felt great.

I could tell it wasn’t just a placebo effect, since my wife had noticed the changes as well.

I am not going into details about my first sexual experience with ProSolution Gel.

I will say though that it was AMAZING.

It had been years since I had experienced such a great sensation and since I had performed like I did that night.

My penis was really hard and full and I could tell my wife felt more pleasure from this.

What was also great about this gel was that it gave me more control over my ejaculation.

I went on for a long time.

I felt more pleasure than usual from every stroke and even though, I still felt like I was more in control of my orgasm.

When my orgasm finally did come, all I have to say is WOW.

I honestly felt the most pleasure I had ever felt in my life.

It was unreal.

Also, I ejaculated a lot more and far stronger than usual.

Jokes aside, I felt like a Porn Star.

About three minutes after I reached my orgasm, I was ready for another round.

This was impressive.

Not only did this gel give me a fuller, thicker and longer lasting erection, it gave me more pleasure in my orgasm, made me control my ejaculation AND it reduced my recovery time by a lot.

Obviously, my wife was suspicious about this and asked me what was going on.

Since I was already satisfied with her reaction I decided to tell her the truth.

I told her about how I had applied ProSolution Gel before going to bed.

We talked a while about why I decided to buy this product, amongst other things.

Long story short, she loved this product.

She wanted me to keep using it as, in her own words, “it was the best sex we’ve had in ages.”

I felt the same way and I honestly felt happy and relieved to have found a solution for my “problem”.

The best part is that it not only solved my problem, it made everything about sex better.

Later Uses

I began using ProSolution Gel every day.

I got the same effects as I got the first day, which was amazing.

My erections were strong and full, my orgasms were amazing, I could control my ejaculation longer and my recovery times decreased a lot.

I got to test out the effect of less recovery time between orgasms during the next few days and all I can say is I could go on and on the entire night until my wife begged me to stop.

It is that powerful.

I also took advantage of the fact that this gel is edible.

We used it during foreplay and it was great.

The tingling sensation makes it feel like it is one of those gels you buy in sex shops.

All in all, this is one of the best products I have tried in my life for the instant impact it had in my life.

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Conclusion Of My ProSolution Gel Review

What more can I say?

I hate to say this, but this gel is miraculous.

You don’t need pills, you don’t need surgery.

All you need is ProSolution Gel.

All that is advertised is true.

As I said before, with this gel I am able to have amazing erections that are full and last long.

I am able to control my ejaculation, to have the best orgasms I have ever had and to be able to have sex almost non-stop due to the small recovery times.

If you want to improve your sex life, your confidence and your overall daily lives, I recommend ProSolution Gel as definitely the best option for you.

You and your partner will not be able to live without it.

Trust me.

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