Monster T Supplement Review

By | October 29, 2015

In this review, I will talk about my experience with Uniscience Group’s Monster T.

I took this testosterone booster for a month and I wrote a detailed review below.

But first, let me give you an overview of this product.

  • One of the most effective and powerful testosterone boosters I have ever tried
  • Increased my energy levels greatly
  • Increased my sex drive A LOT
  • Improved my mood
  • No negative side effects
  • Grew more muscle
  • Received the product in 2 days
  • Felt safe with the 100% Money Back Guarantee

Intro On Monster T

monster t supplement reviewThere are thousands of testosterone boosters out there that claim to be the best on the market.

The problem is, most of these claims are rubbish.

It is hard to know which ones work and which ones don’t, unless you actually try them.

I have tried my fair share of testosterone boosters and have found some really good ones and some that don’t do anything at all.

I am always trying out new testosterone boosters and supplements in general, it is one of my favorite things to do.

That is actually why I started this blog in the first place.

This time I decided to try out a new testosterone booster since I had been using the same one for quite a while.

As usual, I asked friends and colleagues for recommendations of good test boosters from trustworthy companies.

I got a lot of different recommendations, but the one that stood out to me was Monster T.

I had heard of it before and I know the company behind it, Uniscience Group, is trustworthy.

They specialize in products that enhance wellness for men and women.

All their products are FDA approved and their facilities are cGMP certified as well.

I also know one of the doctors behind the formulation of the products and I know he is a great professional.

You should know that regardless of this being a quality product, you should always talk to your physician if you have any medical condition or if you have any doubts at all.

Anyway, after I completed my research about this product I went and bought a bottle of Monster T.

I was excited for it to arrive after all the good stories I heard about it and to write my Monster T supplement review.

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My Experience With Uniscience Group’s Monster T

Two days after I placed my order of Monster T, the product arrived at my doorstep.

I bought two bottles straight away at a discount, since they offered free shipping and a 100% money back guarantee. (Plus, I have used products from this company before and have never been disappointed)

The packaging was in perfect shape, nothing to complain about.

The bottles themselves were also in perfect shape and completely sealed.

Again, nothing to complain about there.

I decided to start taking Monster T the next morning.

Day 1 – 4

In my reviews I tend to separate the first 4 days since in my experience, that is when we are most susceptible to negative side effects.

Luckily, during my first 4 days of taking the Monster T supplement I did not experience any negative side effects that they say might occur, such as nausea, headaches, etc.

I am glad to say that the exact opposite happened.

I felt great.

During the first 4 days, what I noticed was a spike in my energy levels and in my mood.

I felt more motivated.

This is why I love testosterone boosters, they act on your mind and on your body.

By the fourth day, I also felt increased sex drive.

I wanted to make love to my wife all day long and she certainly enjoyed that.

Week 1

My first week went great, as you might have expected from the first 4 days of taking Monster T.

I was able to exercise more than usual and I was more motivated for my daily routine.

I increased all my weights in the gym and I was able to run more as well.

That was a huge plus.

My sex drive during the first week was through the roof as well.

As I said before, my wife really enjoyed that part!

I also felt more pleasure during sex.

So far, so good, I was really happy with my purchase.

Week 2

Basically the same experience as in the first week.

Increased energy, mood and motivation.

Sex drive was still awesome.

A great change that occurred during the second week was my weight.

I dropped 1kg and I was able to see my abs more than before.

This is because not only was I able to exercise more and harder while taking Monster T, testosterone boosters themselves burn excess fat.

I also felt that my muscles were harder.

By this time I was glad I had bought two bottles right off the bat.

Week 3 – 4

I decided to join the last two weeks of my Monster T review because no significant changes occurred.

I still felt more energy, more motivated and my sex drive stayed amazing.

The biggest change in the last two weeks was my physical appearance.

By the end of the month, I had lost 3kg of excess fat (I was not overweight before).

I looked pretty ripped, but what felt best was that I FELT ripped.

I felt stronger and more powerful, which gave me a huge confidence boost.

I was breaking records at the gym and this certainly showed in my appearance.

After the first month was over, I was sure I had found a winner and bought more bottles of Monster T.

Conclusion Of My Uniscience Group Monster T supplement Review

If you want a quality testosterone booster that will work fast and give you great everlasting results, I highly recommend Monster T.

As I said before, many products claim to be great testosterone boosters but after taking them for a month you see they are not.

Monster T is different.

As with other Uniscience Group products, Monster T is top class.

Definitely one of the best testosterone boosters I have ever tried.

From day one you feel better.

During my first month I felt amazing energy, increased mood, increased sex drive and I even lost weight and gained lean muscle.

From now on, Monster T will certainly be one of my go-to supplements.

Since this product comes with a 100% money back guarantee, I highly suggest you try them out, you certainly will not be disappointed.

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