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Before you decide to purchase, read my experience with Funginix in this detailed Funginix review!

I love walking around barefoot.

Ever since I was a child I only put on shoes when I really had to.

I remember playing around in my backyard, stepping in the mud and even playing soccer in the street barefoot (suffered for that couple of times!).

I also remember comparing foot sizes with my father.

Apart from the obvious difference in size, his feet were horrible looking.

His nails had yellow and white patches all over them.

I never wanted to have feet like that.

Unfortunately, some years later my feet began to look just like his.

With this came the embarrassment of walking around barefoot or with any open shoes like sandals or flip-flops.

After years of just ignoring these toe nail fungi, I decided to finally search for a treatment.

My Road To Funginix

funginix reviews– ZetaClear

The first product I bought to treat toe nail fungus was ZetaClear.

I tried this out because the doctor I went to at the time suggested it.

At first glance the product seemed like a bargain.

It was reasonably priced and it was made from all natural ingredients.

I started using this product and I did see some mild results.

My nails started getting less yellow and the discoloration seemed to improve a little bit.

I also noticed my nails got a little bit stronger.

The problem was that this product worked for about 1 month and then my nails went back to being just like they used to.

Overall this was not a good solution to treat toe nail fungi and it did get me a little discouraged in finding a treatment.

funginix detailed review– PurNail

After trying out the first product without any success, I did some digging and ended up buying PurNail.

This product requires A LOT of patience.

I used it for about 2 months straight and I did not see ANY results.

I kept going because I was told that it does take a while to have an effect on your fungal infection.

It feels really weird to put on a product for 2 months and not see any difference.

However, after those 2 months, I did begin to see some results.

The discolorations began disappearing until almost none was left.

My nails got less sensitive and they were starting to look like regular nails again.

By the end of the 4th month, my toe nail fungus infection seemed to have disappeared.

I was really happy.

However, in the 6th month of using this product the fungi showed up again and all the progress I had made completely disappeared in matter of weeks.

I was really disappointed.

However, I had learnt that it was possible to get rid of the symptoms, I just had to find a permanent solution.

honest funginix review– Funginix

After consulting more doctors, doing a lot of research and asking around, I came across Funginix.

At first glance it did not seem too different from the other solutions I had tried before.

What stood out to me were the hundreds of positive reviews and the fact that they claimed this product was the best solution for removing fungus from toe nails.

I also went to look for confirmation from a fellow doctor that I had met recently that this product was actually legit, as I had wasted a lot of time already and still hadn’t gotten any real results.

After the doctor confirmed the quality of this product, I went ahead and ordered 3 months of supply through their official website because from experience I know you have to use these products for at least a couple of months to begin seeing results.

I got a great deal too – buy 2 get 1 free – which they are still running.

After about 4 days, my Funginix bottles arrived at my doorstep.

I was anxious to get this thing started and completely eradicate my symptoms once and for all.

The product comes with detailed step by step instructions on how to begin treating yourself.

It was great because the other products I had tried before did not come with such detailed information so I was satisfied I was applying Funginix correctly.

After just longer than 1 week of using Funginix, I began to see positive results.

My nails were stronger and I could see the yellow colors were fading a bit.

This impressed me a lot because with the other products the results took a long time to show.

After the first month my nails were feeling and looking great.

They were strong and I had absolutely no more discoloration and visible fungus.

Even though I was really amazed by the results, I remembered what happened with the last product I used and I tried not to keep my expectations that high.

After three months, my nails felt completely new and were still symptom free.

I was happily walking around barefoot and in flip flops with no more embarrassment.

In order for the results to become permanent, I decided to use Funginix for 6 months.

After this period, my nails looked amazing and my symptoms never came back.

It has been more than a year since I stopped using Funginix and I haven’t had any fungal infections in my nails ever since.

All I can say is, after a lot of suffering and frustration I was finally able to cure my toe nail fungus infection for good.

If you are looking to do the same, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

I am now able to go back to my “roots” and walk around barefoot without being ashamed of my feet!

Funginix Negatives

The only negative aspect of Funginix is that you have to apply the product several times a day.

Unfortunately, this is a must and if you really want to cure this thing you need to apply yourself to the treatment.

This is the only negative aspect of the product though.

But then again, all toe nail fungus products are like this.

Where To Buy Funginix

Funginix is only available online.

You can find Funginix in stores such as Amazon, but I do not recommend buying it there.

The best place is through their official website.


Because you are certain you are getting the real product.

You will also get a 60 day money back guarantee as well as multiple discounts and promotions.

I was also able to get a crazy 30% discount coupon from the guys at Funginix for all my readers who want to overcome this awful infection.

All you have to do is visit their website here and include the coupon code SASNIX30 at checkout.

Take advantage of this coupon code with their buy 2 get 1 free promotions or their buy 3 get 2 free promotions and you have an incredible bargain!

I hope you guys found this review useful!

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