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By | October 13, 2015
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Read this detailed Epibright Review of my wife's experience with this product before you make any decisions!

In this review, I will talk about my wife’s experience with Sisquoc Healthcare’s Epibright. My wife has also tried Epibright Intimate and had really great results. You can read all about her experience by clicking HERE.

I recorded my wife’s experience with this product for a month and later wrote this Epibright review based on her experience and my observations.

First, let me give you an overview of what this product accomplished for my wife:

  • Lightened her skin considerably
  • Softened her skin
  • Made her look younger

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Epibright Review Intro

People spend thousands of dollars to make their skin look prettier and healthier because it is one of the things that makes the most impact on a person’s visual appearance.

With this in mind, Sisquoc Healthcare decided to create a skin lightening cream that is affordable and, most importantly, effective.

How did I come across this product?

My wife wanted to go through an expensive and complex skin treatment to get rid of some sunspots and marks on her skin.

I thought it was absurd as her skin is not that bad as to justify spending such a handsome sum of money on a treatment.

But since this was important to her, I set out to find an alternative that would be less abrasive and cheaper.

Again, I used my contacts and asked some dermatologists about effective skin lightening treatments that weren’t harmful and weren’t expensive.

Obviously, I got a lot of different answers, but one of the most common was Epibright.

I did my research on the company that manufactures the product, Sisquoc Healthcare, and I was pretty impressed by their reputation and their philosophy.

All their products are FDA approved and are manufactured in cGMP facilities.

I also got some very positive feedback from some friends and read a lot of positive reviews online for Epibright.

After my research, I decided to buy this product for my wife and write a detailed Epibright review of her experience with it.

I must say that the 60 day money back guarantee was also a factor for me purchasing this product.

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My Wife’s Experience With Epibright By Sisquoc Health Care

The product arrived just one day after I ordered it, which was great.

It came in a quality package, sealed and with no damage.

The bottle is compact and discreet, which makes it easy to carry around with you.

The day after the product arrived, my wife started using it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Day 1 – 4

My wife started applying the cream on dried, clean skin twice a day and applying a quality sunscreen of at least 15 SPF after applying the cream, as suggested.

The cream was really easy to use and apply to the face and was not oily at all, as one would have expected.

This new Epibright formula comes with a quality moisturizer as well.

Because of this moisturizer, my wife’s skin felt softer and smoother by Day 4, which was the only improvement she saw after this period.

This was expected though, as this product is supposed to make a difference in lightening your skin after a week or more.

Week 1

During the first week, my wife’s skin got a lot softer and smoother.

However, we did not see any improvement in terms of lightening her skin.

We also didn’t see the uneven pigmentation she has in her skin get less visible.

My wife started to get frustrated after the first week, although according to the manufacturers results appear after the first week in SOME cases, so we kept on going.

Week 2

During the second week, my wife’s skin was still softer and smoother than before, which was great.

However, the best news was that by the middle of the second week we started noticing her skin getting lighter.

There was one particular mark she has on her cheek that was noticeably lighter.

This made her really happy and she was again more positive that the product would begin to work just as described.

Even though it was only the end of the second week, we were glad we seemed to be on the right track with Epibright.

Week 3

By the third week, the improvements were very noticeable.

Her skin was a lot lighter than before and the uneven pigmentations on her skin were practically gone.

These “marks” I talk about on my wife’s skin were hardly noticeable, but after looking at some before and after pictures that we took, not only were these marks nearly gone, but her skin overall looked a lot better.

She seemed younger and her skin looked healthier.

Observation: I did not publish her before and after pictures because she did not consent to me doing so.

We were finding this product pretty incredible as the results were really impressive in just three weeks.

Week 4

In the fourth week, the results from the third week were maintained, with a few improvements in her skin’s lightening.

We took pictures from Day 1 and compared them to the end of week 4 and we were amazed.

It looked like she had gone through some elaborate procedure that would have cost thousands of dollars.

Best of all, her transformation seemed completely natural

She looked like she was a lot younger and her face had a vivacity that I hadn’t seen in a while, not only because of the physical aspect, but because she had a new confidence with her “new” skin.

Epibright Review Conclusion

After my wife used this product for an entire month, her skin improved incredibly.

The uneven pigmentations she had in her face were gone and other marks she had were practically gone as well.

Her skin tone was brighter and she looked a lot younger and healthier than she did before she started using the product.

Also, due to the moisturizing ingredients in Epibright, her skin was softer and smoother as well.

We were so impressed with this product that we bought another Epibright at the end of week 3.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and effective skin treatment to get rid of uneven pigmentation, unwanted marks, to make you look younger and to make your skin look healthier, I highly recommend this product.

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