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By | March 19, 2017
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Sisquoc Healthcare

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On March 19, 2017
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Read this detailed Epibright Intimate Review of my wife's experience with this product before you make any decisions!

In this review, I will talk about my wife’s experience with Sisquoc Healthcare’s Epibright Intimate. A while back, my wife tried Epibright (the non-intimate version!) and also had great results, you can read about her experience by clicking HERE.

I recorded my wife’s experience with this product for a month and wrote this Epibright Intimate review based on her experience and how she found it.

An overview of what this product accomplished for my wife:

  • Lightened her skin in her intimate areas considerably
  • Softened and smoothened her skin
  • Made her feel more confident and comfortable
  • Improved our love life!

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Epibright Intimate Review Intro

Sisquoc Healthcare decided to create an intimate skin lightening cream that is safe and gentle enough to use on intimate areas of the body. and, most importantly,

Without getting into too much detail, as it is a rather personal subject, my wife had some slight uneven pigmentation in her skin tone in her personal areas that she wasn’t all that happy about. Rest assured, I had told her on numerous occasions that she is perfect just the way she was (because she really is and I absolutely love her to bits!) but she is an absolute perfectionist and it was really starting to affect her confidence that she had an almost barely noticeable darkening of her skin tone in her genital area.

I thought it was absurd as she is perfect but she just wasn’t having it!

And since she had such great results previously with the normal Epibright, she told me she had seen that Sisquoc Healthcare had come out with an intimate whitening cream which she wanted to try.

Again, I did all the research I could and found out that Epibright Intimate was specifically designed to be less harsh for use with more sensitive intimate areas.

The primary skin lightening agents in Epibright Intimate are kojic acid and alpha-arbutin. Kocic acid has an effect similar to hydroquinone without the risk of excessive burning or skin irritation. Studies have shown that it is extremely effective as a lightening agent and is gentle enough for use on intimate skin areas. Alpha-arbutin is an extract from the bearberry plant that promotes skin lightening and is safe for long-term use.

Sisquoc Healthcare has a great reputation and all of their products products are FDA approved and are manufactured in cGMP facilities so I have absolute faith in the company, especially since my wife’s previous experience with the normal Epibright.

I decided that it was definitely worth a shot if it was going to make my wife feel more comfortable and confident, so we decided to buy it and write a detailed Epibright Intimate review of her experience with it.

I must say that the 60 day money back guarantee was again a comforting factor for me purchasing this product, as you must have a certain amount of faith in your product to be able to offer such a guarantee.

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My Wife’s Experience With Epibright By Sisquoc Health Care

The product again arrived just one day after I ordered it, which was fantastic.

Also as previously was the case with Sisquoc Healthcare’s products, it came in a quality package, sealed and with no damage.

As soon as it arrived, my wife started using it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Day 1 – 4

My wife started applying the cream to recently washed and gently dried skin until absorbed, twice a day as suggested.

The cream was really easy to use and apply to the affected areas and was not oily at all.

There weren’t any really visible results after the first 4 days but this was expected, as this product is supposed to make a difference in lightening your skin after around 2 weeks if applied daily and to the manufacturers instructions.

Week 1

During the rest of the first week, we did not see any improvements.

We also didn’t see the uneven pigmentation she has in her skin get less visible.

My wife started to get frustrated after the first week, as she did previously with the normal Epibright, but she is generally impatient in nature so this was always going to be the case.

I explained that she just needed to give it a chance and keep applying it daily as she was, and that the results would come, so through a little convincing, she kept on going.

Week 2

During the second week, my wife kept up the routine and kept on applying Epibright Intimate to the affected areas as suggested.

By the end of the week, she was starting to notice a difference in the skin tone and she was sure that the area was starting to lighten. As I said previously, I wasn’t 100% convinced because I really hadn’t noticed that the skin was darker in some areas than others in the first place!

But this obviously made her really happy and she was again more positive that the product would work and give her the desired results. I was just glad that she was happy with what she was seeing and we seemed to be on the right track.

Week 3

By the third week, I can say that the improvements were very noticeable. The area was considerably lighter than what I had ever known it as being.

Her skin was a lot lighter than before and she noticed that the uneven pigmentations on her skin were practically gone.

Now, my wife had taken some (very intimate) before photos to use a a base and to compare to, which I can’t share with you for obvious reasons. The darkness in my wife’s skin was hardly noticeable before, but after looking at some before and after pictures that we took, not only were these areas way lighter than before, but her skin overall looked a lot better.

She seemed a lot happier and more confident with the appearance of her intimate area. I liked this a lot too as I was getting some extra special treatment in the bedroom!

We were both really impressed with the results we had seen up to this point. The results were really impressive when we actually compared the photo’s, I couldn’t believe it.

Week 4

In the fourth week, there were not really any further drastic improvements, with a slight lightening of the area I would say.

When we compared the pictures that my wife had taken on the first day to the end of week 4, we were both amazed.

She was so much happier with the appearance of her intimate area and I can say that our love life definitely benefitted from the whole exercise! She was far more confident in herself and she loved showing off which was rather unusual for her as she is a very reserved shy person generally! Can’t say I am complaining though!

All in all my wife and I are both very impressed with Epibright Intimate and will definitely recommend this product with absolute confidence to anyone interested.

Epibright Review Conclusion

After my wife used this product for an entire month, her skin improved incredibly.

Her skin tone was brighter and lighter and she was a lot happier and more confident than she was before she started using the product.

We were so impressed with this product, we honestly can’t believe the results.

If you are looking for an extremely effective skin treatment to get rid of uneven pigmentation in your intimate area, l highly recommend this product.

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