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By | May 25, 2015
Review of: Digest Relief
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On May 25, 2015
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If you are looking for a digestive health supplement, read this review on Digest Relief before you make any decisions!

Is there anything worse than suffering from bloating, flatulence, heartburn, constipation and other stomach related problems?

I suffer from some of these from time to time, especially bloating and flatulence, and I absolutely hate it.

I have tried many changes to my diet to combat these symptoms and also tried many different products and supplements.

Some of these measures work and some don’t.

Today, I will talk about a product that really worked for me.

This product is Digest Relief by Great American Products.

I have written a detailed review of my experience with Digest Relief below.

But first, let me talk a little bit about this product.

Digest Relief By Great American Products

If you suffer from some of those symptoms I mentioned above, chances are your body is not creating enough enzymes to properly break down the food which you consume.

Digest Relief was manufactured to help you with this.

It will make your body digest foods with more efficiency and, in turn, will make those annoying stomach symptoms go away.

After I read the ingredients this product contained, I was really excited to try this out.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most complete digestive aid supplements I have ever seen.

Digest Relief contains all the ingredients you need to help your digestive system.

All ingredients are 100% natural plant-based enzymes that are extremely powerful in supporting the digestion of any foods.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are responsible for helping our bodies break down foods and for making it easier for us to digest them.

This will help you with bloating, heartburn and other digestive related problems.

Apart from that, they improve your immune system and other digestive reactions in your bodies.

Below Are Some Of The Powerful Enzymes Present In Digest Relief

  • Protease – This enzyme digests proteins into amino acids and is found in meats, eggs and cheese.
  • Amylase – This is the enzyme responsible for digesting carbs and you can usually find them in fruits and vegetables.
  • Lipase – This is the digestive enzyme that is used for digesting fats and you can usually find them in dairy, nuts and meats.
  • Lactase – This enzyme is the one used in the digestion of sugar lactose, which is present in dairy.
  • Alpha-glactosidase – Enzyme used in the digestion of beans, legums, soy products, etc.
  • Cellulase – The enzyme that is needed for the digestion of plant fiber.
  • Sucrase – The enzyme utilized in digesting complex sugars.
  • Maltase – Enzyme used in the digestion of malt sugars.

As you can see by the list above, Digest Relief is a very complete digestion supplement, containing ingredients that assist in all digestion areas.

As I studied these ingredients and studied the manufacturer, Great American Products, I realized I might be looking at an amazing product here.

This is why I decided to try it out and write a detailed Digest Relief review showing my experience with it.

It also didn’t hurt at all that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

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Here is my experience with Digest Relief:

I bought Digest Relief through their official website here and the product arrived 3 days later, packed nicely and properly sealed.

I took advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free offer they have, since I thought the price was pretty great and they offer the money back guarantee.

The instructions are to take 3 capsules a day together with your meals, and to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Day 1 – 4

I wrote about days 1 through 4 separately, because in my experience, this is generally when the side effects tend to show themselves.

Fortunately, I did not get any side effects in my first 4 days of taking Digest Relief.

It was very easy to include it in my daily routine since you take one capsule together with your meals, it is easy to remember.

The capsules are not big and have no bad taste or anything like that.

I began feeling a slight difference around day 3.

I felt lighter and a little less bloated than usual.

Week 2

The change was already clearly visible.

I could see my belly was flatter than before, a lot less bloated.

Felt less flatulence throughout the day as well.

I still felt lighter.

On top of that, I felt more energy throughout the day.

This is because with less energy being wasted digesting foods, you have more to spare throughout the day.

Was loving Digest Relief so far.

Week 3

Same disposal as week 2.

Still felt a lot less bloated and still felt less flatulence.

Was pretty happy knowing I had two more bottles of Digest Relief.

Week 4

Felt just as great as week 3.

More energy, less bloated and less gassy.


I loved this product.

Definitely one of the best digestive aids I have ever tried.

If you experience bloating, flatulence, heartburn and other digestion related symptoms, I 100% recommend you try this product.

You will not regret it.

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