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By | October 22, 2015
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On October 22, 2015
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Read my detailed Apex-TX5 review and first hand experience with this product before making any decisions.

In this review, I will talk about my experience with Intechra Health’s Apex-TX5.

I took this powerful fat burner and energy enhancer for a month and wrote a detailed review of my experience below.

First, let me give you an overview of this product.

  • Gave me A LOT of energy
  • Increased my performance in the gym and in sports
  • Decreased my appetite
  • Was able to shed 4kg in one month (I am fit, imagine with people who are overweight)
  • Gave me a ripped look
  • Made with clinically proven ingredients
  • Quality and trustworthy company (Makers of Fenfast375)
  • Fast shipping

Intro On Apex-TX5

apex-tx5 reviewI am a huge fan of fat burners and energy enhancers.

However, it is hard to find ones that actually work amongst all the fake propaganda and bad products out there.

I have tried all sorts of fat burners and I can count the quality ones on my one hand.

I came across Apex-TX5 because a good friend of mine recommended it to me.

After I looked up Apex-TX5, I saw that they were the same makers of Fenfast375, Intechra Health.

I use Fenfast375 regularly and know that Intechra Health is a quality manufacturer.

Since I trust them and know they’re legit, I was excited to try out this new product.

Apex-TX5, like Intechra’s other products, has ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective in weight loss and energy enhancement.

Apex-TX5 is scientifically formulated to promote maximum weight loss, to burn a lot of fat, to suppress your appetite so you can eat less, to enhance your mood and to boost your metabolism.

These are all of the characteristics a top notch fat burner needs to have.

The problem is all of them promise these things and most of them don’t deliver.

Since my good friend recommended Apex-TX5 and I am a fan of the manufacturer behind it, I decided to give it a go.

Below is my experience with Apex-Tx5.

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My Experience With Intechra Health’s Apex-TX5

Like with the other Intechra Health product I use, Apex-TX5 arrived just 2 days after ordered it online.

The packaging came intact, with absolutely no problems.

As for the bottle of the product itself, I saw nothing negative.

It was sealed and all looked ok.

Day 1 – 4

If you’ve read my reviews before, you know that I separate the first 4 days because it is in this period where negative side effects most commonly take place, such as nausea, irritability, headaches, etc.

Luckily in this case I did not feel any negative side effects in the first 4 days.

I took 4 pills a day as suggested by the manufacturer.

I went straight to 4 pills a day because I am used to these types of products, but if it is your first time you should begin with 1 a day and then increase the amount by 1 daily until you reach 4 pills a day.

I decided to take 2 in the morning and two at lunch.

I have to say that this worked out great.

I felt the power of Apex-TX5 the first time I took it.

After taking 2 pills in the morning on an empty stomach, it took about 35 minutes for the effects to kick in.

I felt like I could run a marathon in seconds and I was pumped up for my day.

Naturally, I went on my morning run and the feeling was great.

I felt more alert and focused throughout my exercise and I only stopped running because of my schedule, otherwise I wouldn’t have stopped so early.

During the first 4 days, this was the great feeling I got with no side effects.

I was excited to continue using this beast.

Week 1

Throughout the first week I felt great.

By taking two pills in the morning and two at lunch I felt energized and motivated throughout the entire day.

I was able to exercise more than usual and I was sweating a lot more than usual during my exercises as well.

In the first week alone I was able to lose 1.5kg.

Apart from the awesome energy, I felt less hunger throughout the day and ended up eating smaller meals than usual, which helped me feel less bloated as well.

At the end of the first week I already knew Apex-TX5 was another winner from Intechra Health.

Week 2

The second week was just as great as the first.

I still had no negative side effects and I still felt the same great energy I felt from the first week.

I did not have to take more to get the same effects.

Four pills a day kept me going the entire day and made me exercise and work more than usual.

By the second week I also felt like my mood was a lot better.

My wife also noticed that I was more cheerful and was just seemed happier.

In terms of weight loss, by the second week I had lost 2.5kg.

That is great, considering I am not overweight.

Week 3

No surprises by the third week.

The pills still had the same awesome effect.

Every day I had the same sensation as the first day I took it.

I felt like I had never exercised so hard in my life (not necessarily true), but as long as I was believing this I felt great.

I also still felt less hunger and less bloated.

My mood was great as well.

By the third week I had lost 3.5kg.

I looked shredded and I could see my abs like I hadn’t seen them in a while.

This, added with the mood enhancers included in the pills, gave me a lot more confidence and made my days great.

Week 4

On the first day of the fourth week I ordered myself two more bottles.

I didn’t want this feeling to stop.

I was a lot more productive in my day to day routine and felt all around great.

I had more energy, I was more motivated, felt less bloated and was happier.

These sensations did not stop by the fourth week which is common in fat burners.

By the fourth week I had lost 4kg and looked like a beast.

I lost a ton of water weight and burned some excess fat that made me look very muscular.

I had definitely found another winning fat burner, Apex-TX5.

Conclusion Of My Intechra Health Apex-Tx5 Review

If you want a top-notch, effective and complete fat burner, you should know by reading my Apex-Tx5 review, this is the one for you.

I got great results with absolutely no side effects.

By taking 4 pills daily my energy levels went through the roof.

I felt ready for anything and was motivated for my daily activities.

I was able to lose 4kg in one month, which was amazing because I am a fit person and do not really need to lose weight.

I became shredded and looked a lot more muscular.

Not only that, I felt more confident and happier.

This product was so great that I decided to purchase two more bottles after the third week of using it.

This is one of the best fat burners I have ever taken and again Intechra Health has surprised me.

If you want a serious and effective fat burner, Apex-Tx5 is for you.

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