About Me

You’re probably wondering about my name, right?

Zigmund Markos Mann… What?

Well, being raised in Santa Monica, living with this name was not always easy.

I was born in Cologne, Germany.

My parents decided to move to the United States when I was just a little kid.

They established our family in Santa Monica and I only left there when I set off to college in San Francisco.

I studied at UCSF there, specializing in Internal Medicine.

I then went on to study in various fields, including Kinesiology, which is one of my main areas of focus nowadays.

Having loved sports and fitness all my life, Kinesiology seemed like a great field to study.

Nowadays I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids in Santa Monica, helping my patients, studying, and of course, browsing the web.

Please feel free to strike up a conversation with me anytime you want!

I would be happy to answer any doubts you have or just have a chat!